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Hot off the press --a new book by coach Jerry Norton​


How Adults Took the Fun Out of Kids' Sports

A Review

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES is a look at the deplorable situation in youth sports through the 84-year old eyes of photojournalist, youth coach, referee and league administrator Jerry Norton.
Norton makes the case that youth sports have become more about winning than playing and more about adult egos than kids' enjoyment and participation. According to coach Jerry, the evidence is clear and the verdict is in. Adults—whether malicious or well meaning--are deemed guilty of hijacking youth sports’ most noble and worthy objective—fun. Win-at-all-cost coaches and demanding parents with unrealistic expectations are responsible for horrific acts of violence as well as untold incidents of child abuse that have become common-place in youth sports. This long-time youth sports activist offers constructive criticisms as well as solutions intended to make kids’ sports fun again for all participants.

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